On 6 January 2005 we have recorded an active adult, S. striolatum female in Slramberk Botanical Garden and Arboretum (alt. 353 m), the Czech Republic (49°35’20”N, 18°07’29”E). S. striolatum is a mediterranean faunal element and one of the last dragonflies to be encountered in autumn in central and eastern Europe (K.-D.B. DIJKSTRA, 2006, Field guide to the dragonflies of Britain and Europe, Br. Wildlife Publishing, Gillingham). The adult season lasts from July to November, rarely to December (R. JODICKE, 1998, Opusc. zool. flumin. 159: 1-20; – 2000, Lihellula 19: 113-115). As shown by R. JODICKE & B. THOMAS (1993, Odonatologica 22: 357-364), the possibility of an occasional bivoltinism and hibernation in the adult are to be considered.