Peregine Falcon is a common passage migrant and winter visitor to the Dutch Wadden Sea (Table 1), with an estimated total of c. 100 wintering individuals in the season of 2012/13. Various studies reveal that they feed mainly on waders (various species, depending on site and on time of the year). Besides, a large variety of other birds species have been recorded as prey. Here, I report two captures of a Leach's Stormpetrel. The first took place at Lauwersoog on 23 September 2004, the second at the Eemshaven on 10 November 2007. Both sites are harbours along the mainland coast of the province of Groningen and both records were casual observations on days with a very favorable situation for seabird migration (Photo 1). Both petrels were attacked and captured above sea, at short distances from the coast. In both cases, the Peregrine with its prey disappeared out of sight quickly. According to the European literature, Leach's Storm-­petrel is rarely recorded as prey with only a few recent records from Germany (Wadden Sea), Spain and the UK and with no previous records from The Netherlands. I conclude with a plea that the comprehensive prey lists collated during the last few decades in various parts in the Dutch Wadden Sea should be published, in order to better understand the impact of Peregrines on birds in the Wadden Sea.