In an open polder in Zuid-Holland, a province in the western Netherlands, Hobbies have been nesting on crow’s nests in electricity pylons in (at least) 2010-12. The polder consists of arable land with maize, potatoes, winter wheat and sugarbeets as main crops. Trees are mostly absent, except for a woodlot that is home to a Buzzard Buteo buteo pair (and possibly a pair of Sparrowhawks Accipiter nisus). The breeding Hobbies use the pylons as sitting posts, except during high winds when they resort to resting on the ground. Although the fledglings used the concrete base of the electricity pylons in the first few days after leaving the nest, they took to sitting on stubble fields (wheat had been harvested in the mean time) later on, often accompanied by the female, occasionally changing to positions in the electricity pylons or the woodlot. Roosting at night probably was confined to the pylons, although this was not confirmed.