BRUYNE, R.H. DE, H. WALLBRINK & A.W. GMELIG MEYLING (2003): Bedreigde en verdwenen land- en zoetwatermollusken in Nederland (Mollusca). Basisrapport met voorstel voor de Rode Lijst. – European Invertebrate Survey – Nederland / ANEMOON (Leiden / Heemstede): 88 pp. This report presents the proposal for a Red List of the Dutch terrestrial and aquatic molluscs. Marine species are not considered, except for some species of brackish water. Of a total of 73 indigenous aquatic species, 27 are included in the Red List. Of a total of 97 indigenous terrestrial gastropods, 41 are inlcuded in the Red List. Thus, 40% of the Dutch indigenous continental malacofauna fullfill one of the following criteria: disappeared, critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable, susceptible or data insufficiënt.