Around 1950 the Narrow-mouthed whorlsnail Columella edentula was locally abundant on the Sint-Pietersberg and the Cannerberg, two cretaceous hills south of Maastricht separated by the Jeker valley. The difficulty to recover the species since 1980 is postulated to be due to the excavation of the Sint-Pietersberg since 1928 and the transsectioning of both hills by the Albert canal, which was dug between 1930-1934.


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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

G.D. Majoor, & A.J. Lever. (2004). Afname van de tandloze korfslak (Columella edentula) op de Sint-Pietersberg en Cannerberg bij Maastricht: Het gevolg van de aanleg van het Albertkanaal?. Spirula, 336(1), 9–11.