First of all four species of Tellinidae are discussed: Tellina donacina Linnaeus, 1758, T. pygmaea Loven, 1846, T. distorta Poli, 1791 and T. pulchella Lamarck, 1818. The first two species have their umbo clearly moved in a posterior direction, the other ones with the umbo nearly centrally placed. Other differences between these four species are the distances between pallial sinus and the anterior muscle scar, and the strong internal rib on T. pulchella. Finally a discussion about the identification of the European tellinids with a scissulate sculpture: T. fabula Gmelin, 1791 (only right-valve scissulated), T. compressa Brocchi, 1814 (both valves scissulated and with an internal radial rib) and the West Indian species Strigilla pseudocarnaria Boss, 1969 (a much stronger and roundish shell) due to his occurence in the eastern Atlantic, just limited to the Canary Islands. The use of the genus Tellina for all these species (with the exception of Strigilla) is recommended.