A member of the Israel Malacological Society found 20 years ago an adult specimen of Vexillum (Pusia) depexum on the beach of Bat Yam, just south of Tel Aviv-Yafo (Mienis, 1985). It constituted at that time the first record of this endemic Erythraean species in the Eastern Mediterranean. Follow up research resulted in the discovery of yet another adult specimen, which had been found exactly 20 years earlier on the beach of Akhziv, halfway between Nahariyya and the Lebanese border (8 July 1964, TAU 9311). So far no living specimens have been encountered in the Eastern Mediterranean and the question is: How can we explain the presence of these specimens of Vexillum depexum in the Mediterranean Sea? Maybe this year, after another interval of 20 years, we may finally find an answer for that problem!