For several years Dutch members of the NMV have been able to join the membership of the Societa Italiana di Malacologia (SIM) and vice versa. Italians pay for the NMV membership directly to the Treasurer of SIM. They get an additional reduction of € 2.00 next tot the € 5.00 granted for early payments. The Dutch pay € 38.00 for SIM directly to the Penningmeester of the NMV and also get a discount at the NMV of € 2.00. Members of SIM receive the journals “Notiziario 5.1.M.” (comparable to Spirula, in Italian, 3x per year) and “Bollettino Malacologico” (comparable to Basteria, in English, 3x per year). Moreover there is a special welcome offer to new members of SIM: complete Volumes 1997- 2003 of Bollettino Malacologico, including the supplement (only 2001, 2002 and 2003), for € 18.00 per Volume only (normal price € 30.00).