A variety of Baster’s Natuurkundige Uitspanningen (Opuscula Subseciva) is described in which Tab. III and IV of Tom. I respectively show the same figures as Tab. III and IV of Baster’s article in the Philosophical Transactions of the Roy. Soc. 50 1 1757 p. 258—280, though the arrangement of the figures is different. It is shown that Baster translated this article in a Dutch scientific periodical of the time: Hollands Magazijn III 1. The editor J. Bosch at Haarlem had the four plates copied. Afterwards this same bookseller editing the Natuurkundige Uitspanningen and the Opuscula Subseciva made use of these plates after changing Fig. IV—VI on Pl. III in other Fig. IV—VII and adding Fig. 9—12 on Pl. IV. By some chance plates of the Hollands Magazijn seem to have been used for some copies of the Natuurkundige Uitspanningen, which explains the variety mentioned above. Pl. II was used without any change for Tom. I Tab. II. Another variety has a kindred reason: Pl. V of Tom. I was first published in Verhand. Holl. My Haarlem, IV, 1758, p. 473 and accordingly some plates have ”Bladz. 473” in the right upper corner, some have nothing and others the right indication: Tab. V. Tab. IX of Tom. II was first published in Verh. Holl. My VII p. 246. One specimen of the Natuurkundige Uitspanningen has no indications in the upper corners of this plate, most plates however have on the left: Tom. II, on the right: Tab. IX. A description of a complete specimen of the Opuscula (Uitspanningen) is given, showing the following title-pages: Tomus Primus (Eerste Deel) 1762, Liber Primus (Eerste stukje) 1759, Liber Secundus (Tweede Stukje) 1760, Liber Tertius (Derde Stukje) 1761; Tomus Secundus (Tweede Deel) 1765, Tom. II, Liber I (Tweede Deels eerste stuk) 1762, Tom. II Liber II (Tweede Deels tweede stuk) 1765, Tom. II Liber III (Tweede Deels derde stuk) 1765. The article ends with some notes and literature on Baster’s life and with a malacological remark by Miss W. S. S. van Benthem Jutting: Tom. II, Pl. VIII, Fig. 5—7 is Scrobicularia plane (Da Costa).