Untill now only five specimens of Fruticicola striolata (C. Pfeiffer, 1828) had been recorded from the Netherlands. They were collected in 1916 at Veere, island of Walcheren, and it is unknown if they were found alive or dead. Since 1916 several collectors looked in vain for the species in the same region. It is not certain, wether the Helix glabella, mentioned by Maintland from Oudwijk, belong to this species or to Theba carthusiana (Müller). The Hygromia striolata recorded by Druyvestein from Den Helder probably are Fruticicola hispida (L.). The author, however, was so fortunate as to collect several adult and juvenile specimens of Fruticicola striolata (Pffr.) on September 8, 1947, at the southern and eastern border of the town of Veere, amongst stones and nettles under hedgerows. The shells are rather undersized (8½—11½ mm), and are varying considerably in form and colour. Besides the typical form the varieties minor Jeffreys, albina Moquin-Tandon, albocincta Cockerell, and rubens Moquin-Tandon could be noted.