This paper deals with five Lamellibranchs and two Gastropods found in the Middle Pliocene of the Northern Peel District (province of Noord-Brabant). They were hitherto unknown from deposits of the Dutch Middle Pliocene (equivalent of the British Waltonian). The first two species, Mysella bidentata (Mont.) and Erycina kautskyi Glibert are by no means rare in the Middle Pliocene of this region. The latter was described in 1945 by M. Glibert in his „Faune malacologique du Miocène de la Belgique, section I, Pélécypodes”. Hence it is a new element of the European Pliocene fauna. As the shells are hardly corroded and found occasionally with the two valves united, it is rather unlikely that the Middle Pliocene specimens dealt with in this paper are derivative or reworked fossils.