The present note, which is based on a comparison between East Indian Turridae and some species described from New Zealand, was first completed in 1943. In 1949 POWELL’s paper, quoted below, became accessible, and some alteration and abbreviation of the original paper became necessary. The purpose of the present paper is to show that a comparison between members of different faunal provinces may reveal closer ties than is often believed possible. THIELE (1929) has shown that a number of New Zealand genera and sub-genera actually differ very little from old-established genera or not at all. RUTSCH (1931) added some observations with regard to the fossil fauna, one of his conclusions (p. 253) being that comparisons between the New Zealand Tertiary mollusca and those of other provinces would probably result in finding not so much identical species, as similarities between units of a higher systematical order. POWELL’s important paper again shows that closer relationships exist between various Turrid groups, as described from different areas, than formerly acknowledged. To his observations, the following notes may be added.