On a trip to the Wadi Gharandal Area, the writer observed a thin limestone band with Pteropods in the so-called „Miocene Grits” which overlie the „Miocene Clays”, the basal deposits of the Miocene in the Gulf of Suez region (compare: MOON & SADEK, 1923, and MACFADYEN, 1930). This find deserves some attention since records of fossil Pteropods — and Heteropods — are rare in the eastern parts of the Mediterranean region, particularly in the Miocene. REED (1930) recorded Carinaria in Vindobonian deposits of Cyprus, and JACQUET (1933) representatives of Balantium and Vaginella from the Tortonian of Syria. BLANCKENHORN (1906, pp. 365, 392, figs.) described a new species, Hyalaea {Carolina} angusticostata, from the Pliocene of Gebel Shellûl near the Giza Pyramids, Egypt.