Of the many errors and inexcusable blunders S. CLESSIN allowed himself in his systematic work on the Loricata (1903—04) J. THIELE already in 1909 pointed out the most striking ones. Another mistake is to be found on p. 64 of the above mentioned work where CLESSIN put on record (nrs. 167, 168) Chiton (Callochiton) pulchellus Gray, from Arica, Chile, and Chiton (Callochiton) carpenteri, a new name for “ Callochiton pulchellus” of P. P. CARPENTER (1865, p. 276), from Panama, not “ Callistochiton pulchellus” of CARPENTER’s MSS. = Callistochiton infortunatus Pilsbry (fide PILSBRY, 1893, p. 266).