Vitrina (Eucobresia) diaphana Drap, has been recorded from the Netherlands for the first time in 1916 by DEN DOOP, who found this species on a grassy bank at Beek near Nijmegen in 1913 and again in 1915. After his publication several collectors tried to find it again in the same locality, but without result. It seemed that the species had disappeared and it was said that this was probably due to changes in the terrain. In 1942 V. diaphana was discovered in the Southern part of Limburg on the banks of the river Geleen in a marshy woodland, by J. B. HENRARD. There the species has maintained its position up to now. The authors have now been so lucky as to rediscover the species near Beek in August 1953 where it was observed again in September 1954 and in August 1955. In June 1956 the species was found also further to the East, at the entrance of the valley called ”Filosofendal”. In several places on the northern slope of the high hills between Nijmegen and Wyler the animal lives in big populations.