The “Correspondentieblad van de Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging” (CB) is a mimeographed bulletin of which five or six numbers a year are forwarded to the members of the Netherlands Malacological Society. Besides communications from the committee to the members, reports of the meetings and excursions of the Society, hints for collecting and storing Mollusca, notes on important new literature and books, it contains short faunistical and biological notes on the Dutch malacological fauna. All these are written in Dutch. More than fifteen years ago VAN REGTEREN ALTENA published a compilation of these data contained in the numbers 1 to 12 inclusive of the CB. (Basteria Vol. 4, 1939, pp. 1—7). It is the intention of the present author to continue this work by compiling the data contained in the numbers 13 (Dec. 1938) to 62 (Feb. 1956) inclusive; number 62 is the latest published index. It is very difficult to select the really important data; most of these are to be found in the proceedings of the meetings and the reports on the excursions of the Society. The data that have subsequently been republished or that are to be republished in the near future are omitted from the present paper. In some instances it appeared to be necessary to obtain additional information; the author is much obliged to the persons who provided him with the desired data.