In preparing a catalogue of recent Loricata I came across a few preoccupied names which are still in use. a) Lepidopleurus carinatus Dall (1927, p. 11) was preoccupied by an animal of the same name described by W. E. LEACH (1852, p. 228) [= Lepidochitona cinerea (Linné)]. So DALL’s species, which is a Hanleya rather than a Lepidopleurus, is in need of a new name. In honour of the learned author I propose for it Hanleya dalli nom. nov. b) Chiton cinereus Poli (1791, p. 4, pl. 3 figs. 1—20) was accepted by PILSBRY (1893, p. 283, pl. 54 figs. 28—33) for the Mediterranean species of Middendorffia. POLI wrongly believed it to be the Chiton cinereus of LINNÉ (1767, p. 1107) now generally admitted to be the species called Chiton marginatus by PENNANT (1777, p. 71, pl. 36 fig. 2) and subsequent authors [= Lepidochitona cinerea (Linné)].