Nassarius macharensis nov. spec. (fig. 1a—f). Description. — Height 11 to 20 mm, major diameter 7 to 13 mm, this being 64—70% of the height. Shell solid, whorls 6 or 7, with a distinct suture. Protoconch obtuse, consisting of 1½ to 2 whorls with a faint indication of the sculpture of the younger whorls. Sculpture composed of 14 to 16 spiral grooves crossed by a large number (25 to 38 on the body whorl) of rather faint axial folds. These folds sometimes fade away in places, especially on the varices, and become less pronounced on the base of the shell. Outer lip denticulate on the inner side, with a varying number of elongate, not very projecting denticles, which do not correspond with the external sculpture. Inner lip reflected on the columella, and with one thread-like tooth (sometimes composed of two or three smaller ones) close to the upper angle of the aperture.