At the time I described the above species (VERDCOURT, 1950, 1951) I was unaware that a lot had been collected some considerable time before M. F. L. HENDRICKX collected his specimens. Dr. BEQUAERT informed me (in litt. 1951) that he collected this species at Katana on the south-west shore of Lake Kivu. The type locality Kakondo is on the same shore and 31 km. north of Bukavu (Costermansville). According to a service map of the area kindly given to me by M. HENDRICKX the two localities are very close to each other. Paratypes of Tomichia hendrickxi are in the collection of the British Museum (Natural History), the Museum of Comparative Zoölogy, Cambridge (no. 173085) and of the late Dr VENMANS. The specimens collected by Dr BEQUAERT are presumably also at the Museum of Comparative Zoölogy.