In a recent revision of the subgenus Primigulella Pilsbry, VERDCOURT & VENMANS (1956) stated that more material was needed to study the infraspecific variation of G. pilula. During a recent collecting expedition to the Nyambeni Hills (= Jombene Hills) and Meru (= Mweru), Mr. R. POLHILL and the author made a special search for members of this subgenus since these two localities are cited by PRESTON for his Ennea jombeneensis, the former being the type locality. Although several specimens belonging to the pilula complex were discovered in both localities, none agreed with the description of E. jombeneensis. A detailed account of the variation in the apertural dentition is given below. One of the specimens was obtained alive and this has its anatomy to be compared with that of the two species already dissected.