Divaricella divaricata (Linné) is a typical southern species, living from the British Channel South to the Mediterranean, where it is common. It is always supposed that this species has, in Western Europe, a wide stratigraphic range from the Pliocene (in which it is thought to occur scarcely) up to the Older Pleistocene, notably the ”Marine Icenian” (in which it is fairly common) and to the Younger Pleistocene, notably the Dutch, German and Danish Eemian-deposits, in which it is very common. After the Eemian it disappears from Central Western Europe. The specimens from the Eemian-deposits agree perfectly with the recent specimens of Divaricella divaricata from the Mediterranean in all the features, but on comparing the Older Pleistocene specimens with the authentic Divaricella divaricata, many important differences in adult and juvenile shells appear to be present, so that it must be considered an independent species. I propose to name it in honour of Mrs. W. S. S. VAN DER FEEN-VAN BENTHEM JUTTING: