Cernuella (Xerocincta) neglecta (Draparnaud) has been found for the first time in the Netherlands, at Hook of Holland in the province of Zuid-Holland. Differences are given between Helicella itala and Cernuella neglecta. Biometrical data are given from three populations of the latter, referred to as „Zonnewende, April 1962 (I)”, „Zonnewende, September/October 1965 (II)” and „Pastoor Onderwaterstraat, October 1965 (III)” (see table I). The populations I and II were sampled at exactly the same locality, but at different times. The measurements are given in 0,1 mm; aantal ex. = number of specimens, breedte = breadth, hoogte = height, gem. = mean, s. = standard deviation, gebandeerd = banded.