A single valve of a Yoldia from Cuba, without more exact locality data, was presented to the Leiden Museum by Mr. L. J. VAN DE VEN in 1952. When I could compare it with several species belonging to the subgenus Adrana in American museums in 1963, it appeared to agree with Yoldia perprotracta Dall. On my request Mr. A. C. VAN BRUGGEN was so kind as to compare the same specimen with the syntypes of Leda newcombi Angas in the British Museum (Natural History), because I suspected this to be the same species. Mr. VAN BRUGGEN found our specimen to agree with the syntypes, although it is slightly larger. The length of the valve from Cuba is 35.6 mm, while ANGAS’s largest syntype measures 31.8 mm. DALL gives 29 mm for the length of his species. The known distribution of the species appears from the locality data added in brackets to the references in the following synonymy.