The above paper treats the fossil species of the genus Ensis in the Netherlands, while at the same time giving a survey of those of the Belgian Scaldisien/Merxemien. Ensis waltoniensis nom. nov. has been introduced for Ensis ensiformis J.D.C. Sowerby, 1844 (plate) and 1846 (description) non Ensis ensiformis Conrad, 1843. The following species are discussed: Ensis complanatus Sow., 1844, E. waltoniensis nom. nov., E. degrangei Cossm. & Peyr., 1909, E. arcuatus (Jeffr, 1865) s.s. and forms nos. 1 and 2, E. ensis (L., 1758), and E. cf. rollei Hoernes, 1870, all illustrated.