The Bulimulidae constitute a relatively large family, mainly confined to South America. At present the family includes 144 genera and subgenera. The number of specific and subspecific names available is estimated at about 3000. The subdivision of the family into Bulimulinae, Amphibuliminae, Placostylinae, Odontostominae and Orthalicinae is mainly based on shell features. This sensu lato conception of the Bulimulidae, already held by Pilsbry (1895-1902) and Thiele (1929-1931), is also favoured by the present author. More recent authors, e.g., Zilch (1959-1960), have accorded family rank to the subfamilies, the Placostylinae excepted. However, the differences between the subfamilies are comparatively slight, e.g., the Amphibuliminae seem to differ from the Bulimulinae only in the palleal organs and the free retractor muscle system (Van Mol, 1971).