The present paper is a first checklist of the marine molluscs of the island of Ameland in the Wadden Sea off the northwest coast of the province of Friesland, the Netherlands. Apart from reporting upon his own material, the author has checked through the literature for relevant data. The list on pp. 65-68 enumerates a total of 100 species; a number of these are known to live on or near the coast of the island, while others have been washed up on the beaches and may have been transported over various distances. The vertical columns nos. 1-12 refer to various field trips and literature data covering the period 1935-1972. Forty-one species have been marked with an asterisk denoting a certain continuity as regards their occurrence on the coasts of the island. Early data on the marine shells of Ameland are almost non-existent; a number of more general and faunistic publications do not specifically mention Ameland and the writer has felt that indications such as “common along the whole coast” do not merit consideration as regards occurrence on the beaches of the island. The nomenclature of Nordsieck (1968, 1969, 1972) has been followed throughout.