An examination of the type material of Bulimulidae in the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, revealed that Bulimulus simplex (Hupé, 1857) is in need of a new name. Hupé (1857: 53) described this species as Bulimus simplex with the following description: “B. testa tenui, ovato-conica, angusta, umbilicata, cornea; spira acuminata, apice acuta, anfractibus convexiusculis, ultimo ventricosiori, spiram aequante, peristomate simplici. Long., 15; diam., 8 mill.”. The name is a junior homonym of Bulimus simplex Jonas, 1842. Although this fact was known to subsequent authors, e.g., Pilsbry (1897), a new name has never been proposed.