Recently I received for incorporation in the mollusc collection of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem the material on which Tchernov (1971: 202) had based the prosobranch Pseudamnicola solitaria Tchernov, 1971. In the original description Tchernov mentioned material of his new species from nine separate and isolated springs along Wadi Zin and the Dead Sea, Israel. As he did not indicate a holotype nor a type locality, I am selecting here the figured specimen (Tchernov, 1971: 203, fig. 2) as the lectotype. Consequently the type locality is ’En Ziq, Wadi Zin, Israel. All specimens from other localities mentioned by Tchernov are considered para(lecto)types. The following type material of Pseudamnicola solitaria is now present in the collection of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ): Lectotype (HUJ 10.216) and nine paralectotypes (HUJ 10.217): 'En Ziq, Wadi Zin. Paralectotypes: 'En Avedat (HUJ 10.218), 'En Aqev (HUJ 10.220), 'En HaKikar (HUJ 10.221-10.222), and 'En Tamar (HUJ 10.229), all along Wadi Zin; 'En Ze'elim (HUJ 10.223), 'Ein Turaba (HUJ 10.230), 'Ein el Ghuweir (HUJ 10.231), and 'Ein Fashkha (HUJ 10.224-10.227), all on the western bank of the Dead Sea.