Distribution. — Clover (1974: 215-216, pl. VIII figs. 6-7) described “Marginella” spryi from Mozambique. More specimens were known to him from Tanzania and S. Kenya. The mollusk collection of the Zoological Museum in Amsterdam also contains some specimens of this species. Two specimens (figs. 1-4) are from Mozambique Bay, live-collected at low tide from under stones by Mr. Fernandes in 1969. We suppose that these shells are from the type locality, since the specimens were donated to the museum by Mr. Clover himself in 1971. One beach worn specimen (figs. 5-6) is from Bamburi, 4 km north of Mombasa in Kenya; it was collected by E. van Haagen and recently donated to the Zoological Museum by Mr. E.X. Maier. This locality extends the range of M. spryi to the north (fig. 7).