In 1974 I published a paper on the land Prosobranchia of Suriname. In addition several persons have found pulmonates new to the fauna of Suriname (one of them a new species of Nesopupa) and the number of localities where already known species have been found has much increased. So I have resolved to publish these data, notwithstanding the fact that some genera, inter alia Omalonyx, Bulimulus and Euconulus, and some species of already known genera are in need of revision. In this way I am able to produce a survey of the distribution of the greater part of the land Gastropoda of Suriname. In the first part of this paper, a systematic list of the species (incomplete: see above), all species are enumerated with their localities and/or references to the literature where these localities can be found, the new species of Nesopupa is described and, where necessary, comments on some of the species are given. In the second part the localities at which each species occurs are arranged in three zones and the distribution of the species is discussed.