Shells of Sepiella japonica Sasaki were found on the beach near Zandvoort, washed ashore in a very fresh condition. The specimens may have been consumed on board of a ship and the shells subsequently thrown overboard, as this species lives in the Japanese and Chinese seas. The Dutch Sepiidae are divided into three categories, viz., (1) those of which the shells certainly or practically certainly have been thrown overboard: Sepiella japonica, Sepia dollfusi Adam, S. pharaonis Ehrenberg, and perhaps also S. bertheloti d’Orbigny; (2) those of which the shells have been transported by the Gulf Stream: Sepia elegans De Blainville, S. orbignyana Férussac, and perhaps S. bertheloti d’Orbigny; (3) finally the only species that is really indigenous in the Netherlands: Sepia officinalis L.