This paper is a critical evaluation of part of the subgenus Turboella of the genus Rissoa. The species R. parva (da Costa), R. inconspicua Alder, R. dolium Nyst, R. radiata Ph., R. lineolata Mich., R. pulchella Ph., R. benzi (Arad. & M.), R. margiminia (Nords.), R. munda (Monts.), and R. marginata Mich, are retained. The variability of these species is discussed and illustrated. There are two pairs of sibling species: R. radiata and R. munda; R. pulchella and R. marginata. The partners of each pair are often separable only by the apical dimensions. The identity of R. ehrenbergi Ph., R. simplex Ph. and R. obscura Ph. remains unknown. R. radiata balkei n. subsp. is described from the Atlantic coast between W. Africa and Bretagne, France. The systematic position of R. interrupta (Adams) in respect to R. parva is discussed, but could not be established. By subsequent designation of Turbo cingillus Montagu, 1803, as type species, the genus Sabanaea Leach, in Gray 1847, is made a junior objective synonym of Cingula Fleming, 1828.