Inauguration of a statute for Dr. Job Baster at Zierikzee (The Netherlands) On August 13, 1976, a bronze statue of Dr. Job Baster (1711-1775) has been unveiled in the town of Zierikzee. Apart from his occupation as a general practitioner he devoted much of his time to scientific research on medical, zoological and botanical matters; the results were published in various journals and in the two volumes entitled “Natuurkundige Uitspanningen”, 1759-1765 (Latin edition: “Opuscula subsesiva”, 1759-1765). The statue by the sculptor Ad Braat represents Baster in 18th century costume with, on the outstretched right hand, a goldfish, a species which was introduced by Baster in the Netherlands. At his feet two more goldfishes peep out of the water, and behind the figure there are some small plants. Baster is also the godfather of “Basteria”, the scientific journal of the Netherlands Malacological Society, in this year completing its 40th volume.