In a generally overlooked paper, never quoted in the Zoological Record, Coen (1947: 91) described a new muricid species from South Africa as Poropteron graagae, in honour of Miss M.J. de Graag, who collected the holotype on the beach of Margate, Natal, in July 1933. This type specimen is now in the mollusc collection of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ 20.491, ex Coen 11.412). A study of the literature revealed that Coen’s taxon is conspecific with Murex mitraeformis Sowerby, 1841 (not Brocchi, 1814), which has been renamed recently as Pteropurpura (Poropteron) incurvispina Kilburn, 1970. In creating this new name Kilburn (1970: 44) pointed out the differences between P. incurvispina and the related P. uncinarius (Lamarck, 1822). These and additional differences were also mentioned by Radwin & D’Attilio (1976: 127).