Based on the original descriptions, and on the Conus collection of the Zoological Museum, Amsterdam and other museum and private collections, the (sub)specific names in the recent Conidae are revised. Illustrations and distribution maps are supplied. In the third part the following Conus names are discussed: agulhasi nov. subspecies of C. algoensis Sow. — Cape Agulhas. albus Sow. — albino of C. magus L. albus Shaw — homonym of albus Sow.; a colour form of C. quercinus Sol. aldrovandi Dautz. — homonym of aldrovandi Brocchi (fossil); junior synonym of C. leopardus (Röding), lectotype designated. alexandrinus ”authors” — nomen nudum. alfredensis Bartsch — junior synonym of C. tinianus Hw., lectotype designated. algoensis Sow. — valid species, lectotype designated — S. Africa. alternans Dautz. — a form of C. betulinus L., lectotype designated. alternatus Link — junior synonym of C. eburneus Hw. alticonica Pallary — objective synonym of C. mediterraneus fa. ater Phil., lectotype designated. altispiratus Sow. — provisionally considered a valid species, holotype rediscovered — ? South Africa. alveolus Sow. — junior synonym of C. stramineus Lam. amabilis Lam. — junior synonym of C. pertusus Hw. amadis Gmel. — valid species — Bay of Bengal, Rameswaram designated type locality. amazonicus Nardo — colour form of C. mediterraneus Hw. — Gulf of Venice. ambaroides Shikama — probably synonym (juvenile) of C. magus L. — Philippines. ambiguus Rve — valid species, neotype designated — West Africa, the coast of Senegal designated type locality. amboinensis Donovan — junior synonym of C. ammiralis L., lectotype designated. americanus Gmel. — nomen dubium. amethysteus Link — nomen dubium. amethystinus Trovao — junior synonym of C. carnalis Sow. amigus Gregorio — a form of C. mediterraneus Hw. ammiralis L. — valid species — Moluccas designated type locality. Two subspecies are recognized: C. a. ammiralis (tropical Western Pacific), and C. a. blainvillii Vignard (East Africa and W. Thailand). amphiurgus Dall — valid species — Gulf of Mexico. anabathrum Crosse — senior synonym of C. floridanus Gabb — Florida designated type locality. anadema Tomlin — provisionally considered a valid species. anaglypticus Crosse — first name for the granulated form of C. mindanus Hw. — Antilles. anceps A. Ads — a form of C. consors Sow., lectotype designated. andamanensis E.A. Smith — junior synonym (juvenile) of C. collisus Rve. andrangae Schwengel — junior synonym of C. bartschi Hanna & Strong. anemone Lam. — valid species — S. Australia, Victoria. angasi Tryon — valid species — Queensland, N.S. Wales. anglicus Gmel. — synonym of C. coccineus Gmel. angolensis Paes-da Franca — junior synonym of C. bulbus Rve. angulatus A. Ads. — junior synonym of C. regularis Sow. annularis (Röding) — junior synonym of C. varius L. annulus (Röding) — nomen nudum. anonymus (Röding) — nomen nudum. anthonyi (Petuch) — junior synonym of C. lugubris Rve. antillarum (Röding) — junior synonym of C. granulatus L.


CC BY-NC 4.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding-NietCommercieel")

Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

H.E. Coomans, R.G. Moolenbeek, & E. Wils. (1980). Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae. 3. albus to antillarum with the description of Conus algoensis agulhasi, nov. subspecies. Basteria, 44(1/4), 17–49.