Prof. Dr. Pieter Korringa, director of the national fisheries research institute (R.I.V.O.), IJmuiden, in the years 1957-1978, died on 13.VII.1979, after a very full life as a fisheries biologist. Born in 1913, he received his doctorate from Amsterdam university in 1940 cum laude on a thesis on certain aspects of the life cycle of Ostrea edulis. Already in 1937 he had started working on oyster biology in which field he became one of the world’s leading scientists. His publications cover the period 1929-1979, culminating in a four volume treatise in English in 1976 under the title ”Developments in aquaculture and fisheries science”. Korringa was a leader in the field of applied marine malacology and the greatest fisheries research expert in the Netherlands. His life and career have been summarized in English by De Groot (1979a) together with a list of his papers on the occasion of Korringa’s retirement as director of the fisheries research institute.