Recently the Musee Royal de l’Afrique Centrale, Tervuren (Belgium), has acquired some interesting mollusc material (shells) obtained by the bird collector M.O.E. Baddeley at Andara, Okavango River, 18° 04’S 21° 29’E, in the western Caprivi Strip, South West Africa (Namibia) (for details of collector and locality see Clancey, 1980). This material was submitted for identification and further study to the present author by Prof. P.L.G. Benoit of the Tervuren museum. Since mollusc material from the Caprivi Strip has been rarely reported upon (scattered records in Connolly, 1939; see also Connolly, 1931), it was thought worth while to report the data below. Dr. D.S. Brown (London) has kindly identified or checked the identity of some of the freshwater gastropod species; duplicates of most of the material have been deposited in the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie, Leiden, Holland. The following species are represented: Pila wernei (Philippi, 1851), abundant; Lanistes ovum Peters, 1845, 13; Bellamya capillata sambesiensis (Sturany, 1898), 3; Melanoides tuberculata (Müller, 1774), common; Lymnaea natalensis Krauss, 1848, 2; Bulinus globosus (Morelet, 1866), common; Bulinus forskali (Ehrenberg, 1831), common; Rhachistia sticta (Von Martens, 1859), 5; Xerocerastus burchelli (Gray, 1834), common; Achatina schinziana Mousson, 1887, abundant; Gonaxis gwandaensis (Preston, 1912), 2; Caelatura kunenensis (Mousson, 1887), abundant; Mutela dubia (Gmelin, 1793), 1.