Based on the type material and the original descriptions, the Conus collection of the Zoological Museum, Amsterdam, and other museum and private collections, the (sub)specific names in the recent Conidae are revised. Illustrations and distribution maps are supplied. In the fourth part the following Conus names are discussed: aphrodite Petuch — possibly a juvenile of C. otohimeae Kuroda & Ito. aplustre Rve — valid species, lectotype designated — New South Wales, Woody Head designated type locality. apogrammatus Dall — colour form of C. princeps L. approximatus Turton — junior synonym of C. tinianus Hw. arabicus Lam. — junior synonym of C. litteratus L. arachnoideus Gmel. — junior synonym of C. araneosus Sol. araneosus Sol. — valid species — S.E. India and Ceylon. arangoi Sarasúa — provisionally considered a valid species — Cuba. aratus Kilburn — junior homonym, renamed elokismenos Kilburn. arausiensis Rve — objective junior synonym of C. daucus Hw. arbornatalis da Motta — deep water form of C. amadis castaneofasciatus Dautz. archetypus Crosse — junior synonym of C. daucus Hw. archiepiscopus Hw. — a form of C. textile L. architalassus Sol. — granulated form of C. ammiralis ammiralis L. — Moluccas designated type locality. archithalassius Link — junior synonym of C. pulcher Lightfoot. archithalassus Hw. — junior synonym of architalassus Sol. archon Brod. — valid species — W. Mexico to Panama. arcuatus Brod. & Sow. — valid species, neotype designated — W. Mexico to Colombia. arcuatus Gray — junior homonym, renamed C. emarginatus Rve, a valid species — type locality restrict- ed to Cape San Lucas, Mexico. ardisiaceus Kien. — valid species — Oman, Masirah Id. designated type locality. arenaria Monterosato — junior synonym of C. mediterraneus Hw., lectotype designated. arenatus Hw. — valid species. Three subspecies recognized: C. a. arenatus — India to Tuamotu Archipelago; C. a. aequipunctatus Dautz. — Red Sea; C. a. bizona nov. subsp. — East Africa. arenatus (Roding) — junior secondary homonym, junior synonym of C. stercusmuscarum L. arenosus (Röding) — junior synonym of C. arenatus Hw. argillaceus Perry — nomen dubium. aristophanes Sow. — a form of C. coronatus Gmel., lectotype designated. armadillo Shikama — provisionally considered a valid species. armatus E.A. Smith — error for C. arenatus Hw. armiger Crosse — valid species, new name for C. crenulatus Kien. — coast of Louisiana designated type locality. armillatus C.B. Ads — colour form of C. hieroglyphus Duclos. arrowsmithensis Brazier — junior synonym of C. distans Hw., juvenile. articulata Dautz. — a colour form of C. bullatus L., lectotype designated, junior homonym. articulatus Sow. — valid species — tropical western Pacific. artoptus Sow. — valid species — Indonesian Archipelago, type locality restricted to Biak, New Guinea. arubaensis Usticke — junior synonym of C. spurius Gmel. asper Lam. — junior synonym of C. sulcatus Hw. aspersus Sow. — junior synonym of C. ermineus Bom. assimilis A. Ads — colour form of C. magus L., lectotype designated. ater Philippi — a form of C. mediterraneus Hw., lectotype designated. ateralbus Kien. — provisionally considered a valid species, lectotype designated — Cape Verde Is., Sal designated type locality. atlanticus Clench — junior synonym of C. spurius Gmel. atomarius Sol. — nomen nudum. atractus Tomlin — new name for C. fusiformis Lam., junior synonym of C. anemone forma compressus Sow. (atramentosus Rve) — not a Conus species, is Mitromorpha atramentosa, fam. Turridae. attenuatus Rve — nomen dubium. augur Sol. — valid species — Indian Ocean, Ceylon designated type locality. aulicus L. — valid species — Indo-Pacific, type locality restricted to the Moluccas. aurantia Dautz. — colour form of C. amadis Gmel. and of C. aulicus L., lectotypes designated, junior homonyms. aurantius Hw. — valid species — southern Caribbean. auratus Hw. — junior synonym of C. aulicus L. auratus (Roding) — junior synonym of C. textile L., junior secondary homonym. aurelius (Röding) — junior synonym of C. mercator L. aureofasciatus Rehd. & Abb. — colour form of C. spurius Gmel. aureolus Sow. — provisionally considered a valid species. aureus Hw. — valid species — Indo-Pacific. aureus (Röding) — junior synonym of C. aulicus L., junior secondary homonym. auricomus Hw. — valid species — tropical western and central Pacific, type locality restricted to Sulu Sea. aurifer (Röding) — junior synonym of C. aulicus L. auriger (Röding) — junior synonym of C. textile L. aurisiacus L. — valid species — Moluccas and S. Philippines, Amboina designated type locality. aurora Lam. — colour form of C. tinianus Hw. austini Rehd. & Abb. — valid species — West Indies to Brazil. australis Holten — valid species — S. Japan to Taiwan, Taiwan designated type locality. australis Schröter — junior synonym of C. mustelinus Hw. — junior homonym. australis Dautz. — a form of C. ammiralis L., lectotype designated, junior homonym. axelrodi Walls — valid species — Taiwan to New Guinea. azona Wils — colour form of C. thalassiarchus Sow.


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H.E. Coomans, R.G. Moolenbeek, & E. Wils. (1981). Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae. 4. aphrodite to azona with the description of Conus arenatus bizona, nov. subspecies. Basteria, 45(1/3), 3–55.