Germain (1921: 155) mentioned in the synonymy of Helix (Theba) carmelita Tristram¹: ‘Helix tristrami¹ Martens, cité par C.A. Westerlund 1889, p. 88 (non Helix tristrami Pfeiffer 1860, p. 136)’. Although H. carmelita Tristram is a junior synonym of Monacha crispulata (Mousson, 1861) neither Forcart (1976) nor Mienis (1980) mentioned H. tristrami as another synonym of it. A check of Westerlund (1889: 88) revealed the following entry: ‘? H. carmelita Tristram syn. H. tristrami Mts. 1865’, in spite of the fact that Von Martens never used that name in one of his papers published in 1865!