While describing some new Helicella species from the province of Leon, Spain, Gittenberger & Manga (1977: 179) mentioned Helicella (Xeroplexa) setubalensis sensu Ortiz de Zarate Lopez & Ortiz de Zárate Rocandio, 1950, indicating that this is not the species from Setubal, Portugal, called Helix setubalensis by L. Pfeiffer (1850: 88). This statement was based on shells belonging to both taxa, present in the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie, Leiden. Afterwards the junior author could study the anatomy of the former species using material collected by the late Adolfo Ortiz de Zárate López on the mountain called ‘San Miguel in excelsis’, in the Sierra de Aralar, Navarra, Spain. In addition she studied unpublished notes made by this well-known founder of anatomical systematical research on Iberian terrestrial molluscs, to whom we dedicate the new Helicella species described below. We are deeply indebted to Adolfo Ortiz de Zárate López’s relatives, who repeatedly gave us access to the notes and material belonging to their late father, and subsequently donated this material most kindly to the laboratory in Leon. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. C.E. Prieto, who generously allowed us to study his material.