Based on the type material and the original descriptions, on the Conus collection of the Zoological Museum Amsterdam and other museums and private collections, the (sub)specific names in the recent Conidae are revised. Illustrations and distribution maps are supplied. In the fifth part the following Conus names are discussed baccatus Sow. — provisionally considered a valid species; juvenile? badius Kien. — subspecies of C. namocanus Hw. — Red Sea; coast near Obhur designated type locality. baileyi Rockel & Da Motta — provisionally considered a valid species — Solomon Sea and Queensland. bairstowi Sow. — valid species — east coast of S. Africa. bajanensis Usticke — subspecies of C. armiger Crosse — off the Guyanas. balteatus Sow. — valid species — Indian Ocean, Indonesia and tropical W. Pacific; Mascarenes desig- nated type locality. balteus Wood — nomen dubium. bandanus Hw. — valid species — tropical Indo-Pacific from E. Africa to Hawaii and Tuamotu Archipelago. bandatus Perry — nomen dubium. barathrum (Röding) — colour form of C. spurius Gmel. — St. Croix designated type locality. barbadensis Hw. — junior synonym of C. miliaris Hw. barbara Braz. — junior synonym of C. monachus L. barthelemyi Bern. — valid species — western Indian Ocean. bartschi Han. & Str. — valid species — tropical eastern Pacific. batheon Sturany — subspecies of C. inscriptus Rve; lectotype designated — southern Red Sea. bayani Jouss. — valid species — off India and Ceylon, S. Red Sea. baylei Jouss. — junior synonym of C. spurius Gmel. beckeri Sow. — junior synonym of C. pictus Rve. beddomei Sow. — valid species — type locality restricted to the Grenadines. Three subspecies are recognized: C. b. beddomei — southern Lesser Antilles; C. b. brasiliensis Clench — Brazil; C. b. mayaguensis Ust. — Puerto Rico. bengalensis (Okutani) — valid species — Bay of Bengal. benten (Shik. & Oishi) — junior synonym of C. dusaveli (Ads.). berdulinus Veill. — valid species — Indian Ocean. bermudensis Clench —subspecies of C. mindanus Hw. — Bermuda. bernardii Kien. — colour form of C. cinereus Hw. betulinus L. — valid species — Indian Ocean and W. Pacific; Java designated type locality bicinctus Don. — nomen dubium. bicolor Sow. (March 1833) — renamed C. albomaculatus Sow., a form of C. litoglyphus Hw. bicolor Sow. (May 1833) — junior synonym of C. pulcher Lightf. bicolor Sow. (past July 1833) — renamed C. sinensis Sow. bifasciatus Gmel. — objective junior synonym of C. centurio Born. bifasciatus Sow. — junior homonym; nomen novum for C. fasciatus Ads., lectotype designated; senior synonym of C. ustickei Mill. biliosus (Röding) — valid species — coasts of Pakistan, India and Ceylon; Gulf of Mannar designated type locality. bizona Coom., Mool. & Wils — subspecies of C. arenatus Hw. — Indian Ocean. bizonata Crosse — nomen nudum blainvillei Kien. — colour form of C. fumigatus Hw. blainvillii Vign. — subspecies of C. ammiralis L., lectotype designated — E. Africa and Andaman Sea; Conducia Bay in Mozambique designated type locality. blanfordianus Crosse — provisionally considered a valid species — S. China Sea. blatteus Shikama — provisionally considered a valid species — off Taiwan. bocagei Trov. — junior synonym (or form) of C. africanus Kien. bocki Sow. — subspecies of C. sulcatus Hw. — Thailand, Indonesia to Solomon Is. boeticus Rve — valid species — S. Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea. boholensis Petuch — junior synonym of C. borneensis Ads & Rve. boivini Kien. — aberrant specimen of C. gubernator Hw. borbonicus Ads — junior synonym of C. tulipa L., juvenile. borgesi Trov. — colour form of C. crotchii Rve. borneensis Ads & Rve — valid species; lectotype designated — Sulu Sea. borneensis Sow. — junior homonym; junior synonym of C. magus L. boschi Clover — valid species — Arabian Sea. boubeeae Sow. — junior synonym of C. duvali Bern. — two paratypes discovered. bougei Sow. — colour form of C. exiguus Lam. branhamae Clench — systematic status uncertain. brasiliensis Clench — subspecies of C. beddomei Sow. — off Brazil. brazieri Sow. — junior synonym of C. circumcisus Born. brettinghami nom. nov. — new name for C. undulatus Sow. (non Solander) — subspecies of C. sulcatus Hw. — Philippines; Marinduque designated type locality. breviculus Sow. — junior synonym of C. pulcher Lightf. brevis Smith — junior synonym of C. caracteristicus Fischer; juvenile. Junior homonym of the fossil species C. brevis Sow. broderipii Rve — valid species — Moluccas and Sulu Sea; Moluccas designated type locality. brontodes Shikama — junior synonym of C. kinoshitai (Kuroda); juvenile. bruguieresi Kien. — valid species — Senegal; Dakar designated type locality. brunneus Wood — valid species — tropical eastern Pacific; Galapagos Is. designated type locality. bruuni Powell — valid species — Kermadec Is. bulbus Rve — valid species; lectotype designated — Angola. bullatus L. — valid species — Amboina designated type locality. Two subspecies are recognized: C. b. bullatus — Indonesia, tropical western and central Pacific; C. b. pongo Shik. & Oishi — Indian Ocean. burryae Clench — valid species — Florida Keys. buxeus (Röding) — junior synonym of C. figulinus L. buxeus Rve — junior secondary homonym; colour form of C. furvus Rve. byssinus (Röding) — subspecies of C. pulcher Lightf. — Western Sahara coast; Villa Cisneros designated type locality.


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H.E. Coomans, R.G. Moolenbeek, & E. Wils. (1982). Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae. 5. baccatus to byssinus, including Conus brettinghami nomen novum. Basteria, 46(1/4), 3–67.