Based on the type material and the original descriptions, on the Conus collection of the Zoological Museum Amsterdam and other museums and private collections, the (sub)specific names in the recent Conidae are revised. Illustrations and distribution maps are supplied. In the seventh part the following Conus names are discussed: cingulatus Lam. — valid species — Panama to Venezuela; Santa Marta, Colombia, designated corrected type locality. cingulatus Sow. — junior homonym; junior synonym of C. adamsonii Brod. — range extension mentioned. cingulum Gmel. — junior synonym; an aberrant C. quercinus Sol. (circae Chemn.) — invalid name — specimen traced and identified as C. magus L. circae Sow. — form of C. magus L. circumactus Ired. — new name for C. cinctus Swains. — valid species — Indo-West Pacific; Amboina designated type locality. circumcisus Born — valid species — W. Pacific; Moluccas designated type locality. circumclausus Fenaux — junior synonym of C. cernicus Ads. circumductus (Rod.) — nomen nudum. circumpunctatus Ust. — colour form of C. daucus Hw.; lectotype designated. circumsignatus Crosse — junior synonym of C. floccatus forma magdalenae Kiener. circumsisus Sol. — incorrect spelling of C. circumcisus Born. circumvolutus (Rod.) — nomen nudum. citrinus Gmel. — colour form of C. regius Gmel. citrinus Kien. — junior homonym, renamed C. kieneri Crosse (non Reeve); junior synonym of C. tinianus forma aurora Lam. clandestinatous Shik. — junior synonym of C. macarae Bernardi. (clandestinus Chemn.) — invalid name; is C. magus L. clandestinus purpuratus Shikama — junior secondary homonym of C. purpuratus (Rod.) — here renamed C. shikamai. clarki Rehd. & Abb. — junior synonym of C. armiger Crosse. clarus Smith — valid species — S.W. Australia to Victoria. classiarius Hw. — nomen dubium. clavatus (Rod.) — junior synonym of C. cinereus Hw.; lectotype designated. (clavus L.) — suppressed name. clenchi Martins — junior synonym of C. lemniscatus Rve. clerii Rve — valid species — S.E. Brazil. clodianus Nardo — junior synonym of C. mediterraneus Hw. cloveri Walls — possibly a form of C. mercator — Dakar, Senegal. clytospira Melv. & Stand, — junior synonym of C. milneedwardsi Jouss.; lectotype designated. cocceus Rve — valid species; lectotype designated — W. Australia; Geographe Bay designated restricted type locality. coccineus Gmel. — valid species; neotype designated — W. Pacific; Samar, Philippines, becomes type locality. coelebs Hinds — junior synonym of C. terebra Born. coelinae Crosse — valid species — New Caledonia. coerulescens Schröter — junior synonym of C. ermineus Born. coerulescens Dillwyn — junior homonym; junior synonym of C. ermineus Born. coffeae Gmel. — nomen dubium. collisus Rve — valid species — Andaman Sea; Phuket, Thailand, designated type locality. colorovariegatus Kosuge — junior synonym of C. neptunus Rve. colubrinus Lam. — possibly a valid species, or junior synonym of C. praelatus Hw. columba Hw. — colour form of C. puncticulatus Hw. comatosa Pilsbry — new name for C. dormitor Pilsbry (non Sol.); valid species; lectotype designated — S. Japan to Philippines. commodus Ads — nomen dubium. communis (Swainson) — “nomen oblitum”; lectotype designated; junior synonym of C. archiepiscopus Hw.; one paralectotype is C. textile neovicarius da Motta. compactus Wils — subspecies of C. imperialis L.; lectotype designated — East Africa. compactus in Weinkauff — printing error for C. complanatus. complanatus Sow. — form of C. victoriae Rve. compressus Sow. — a local forma of C. anemone Lam. — W. Australia. compressus auct. — is C. carmeli Ten.-Woods — S. Australia and Victoria. comptus Gould — junior synonym of C. purpurascens Sow. comptus Ads — junior homonym; junior synonym of C. anemone Lam. concatenatus Kien. — provisionally valid species — locality unknown. concatenatus in Sow. — printing error for catenatus Sow. (concinnulus Crosse) — nomen novum for C. concinnus Brod.; is Parametaria dupontii (Kiener), fam. Columbellidae. (concinnus Brod.) — junior homonym of C. concinnus J. de C. Sow., a fossil — renamed C. concinnulus Crosse. concinnus G.B. Sow. — junior homonym; renamed C. sapphirostoma Weink. concolor Sow. — nomen novum for C. unicolor Sow.; colour form of C. hyaena Hw. concolor Barr. e Cunha — junior homonym; junior synonym of C. balteatus pigmentatus Ads & Rve. condensus Sow. — form of C. canonicus Hw. condoriana Crosse & Fisch, — junior synonym of C. coronatus Gmel connectens Ads — identity not yet established; perhaps C. circumactus Ired. consanguineus Smith — junior synonym of C. fergusoni Sow. consiliarius Sol. — nomen nudum. (consobrinus Sow.) — Miocene fossil from Santo Domingo. consors Sow. — valid species — Central Indo-Pacific; Singapore designated type locality. conspersus Rve — colour form of C. spectrum L. — Moluccas designated type locality. conspicuus Sol. — nomen nudum. consul Boivin — junior synonym of C. magus L. contusus Rve — junior synonym of C. monachus forma cinerarius (Röd.). convolutus Sow. — perhaps an aberrant C. omaria Hw.; lectotype designated. cooki Braz. — colour form of C. aplustre Rve; lectotype designated. coralinus (Habe & Kosuge) — junior homonym; junior synonym of C. klemae Cotton. corallinus Kien. — valid species — western Pacific; Mactan Id., Philippines, designated type locality. coralloides Perry — unrecognizable. corbula Sow. — junior synonym of C. canonicus Hw. cordigera Sow. — subspecies of C. nobilis L. — Sulu Sea — C. bitleri da Motta, 1984, is a form of cordigera. coromandelicus Smith — valid species — Bay of Bengal and Gulf of Oman. coronacivica (Röd.) — junior synonym of C. regius Gmel. coronaducalis (Rod.) — junior synonym of C. imperialis fuscatus L. coronalis (Rod.) — junior objective synonym of C. coronatus Gmel. coronatus Gmel. — valid species — tropical Indo-Pacific. coronatus Gmel. — junior homonym; objective junior synonym of C. ammiralis forma architalassus Sol. coronatus Rve — junior homonym; renamed C. papalis Weinkauff. corrugatus Sow. — a juvenile Conus, identity not established. coruscus Sol. — nomen nudum. (cosmographicus Martyn) — an invalid name. (costatus Gmel.) — not a Conus species; a juvenile Strombus, fam. Strombidae. costatus Holten — junior homonym; junior synonym of C. sulcatus Hw. couderti Bern. — provisionally considered a nomen dubium; cf. C. brasiliensis Clench. coxeni Braz. — colour form of C. cyanostoma Ads. coxianus Sow. — aberrant C. acuminatus Hw. crassus Sow. — colour form of C. eburneus Hw. crebremaculatus Dautz. — colour form of C. ammiralis L., lectotype designated. crebrisulcatus Sow. — junior synonym of C. jaspideus Gmel. crebrisulcus Sow. — error for C. crebrisulcatus Sow. crenulatus (Rod.) — nomen nudum. crenulatus Kien. — junior homonym; renamed C. armiger Crosse. crepusculum Rve — junior synonym of C. furvus Rve. cretaceus Kien. — junior synonym of C. mindanus Hw. cretheus Nardo — junior synonym of C. mediterraneus Hw. crocatus Lam. — valid species — Indian Ocean and western Pacific. croceus Sow. — colour form of C. daucus Hw. croceus Smith — junior homonym; renamed C. hypochlorus Tomlin. crosseanus Bern. — subspecies of C. bandanus Hw.; lectotype designated — Isle of Pines, New Caledonia. crotchii Rve — valid species — Cape Verde Islands; Boavista designated corrected type locality. crucifer (Rod.) — junior synonym of C. ermineus Born; lectotype designated. cruzensis Ust. — junior synonym of C. centurio Born; lectotype designated. cumingii Rve, 1848 — valid species — Indonesia to the Philippines and Solomon Is. cumingii Rve, 1849 — junior homonym; lectotype designated; junior synonym of C. virgatus Rve. cuneatus Sow. — provisionally considered a valid species, holotype traced in ZMA. cuneiformis Smith — lectotype designated; colour form of C. inscriptus Rve. cuneolus Rve — valid species; lectotype designated — Cape Verde Islands; Sal designated type locality. curassaviensis Hw. — lectotype designated; junior synonym of C. mappa Gmelin. cutisanguina (Rod.) — lectotype designated; junior objective synonym of C. crucifer (Rod.); junior synonym of C. ermineus Born. cuvieri Crosse — new name for C. deshayesii Rve; valid species; lectotype designated and traced in IRScNB — Red Sea and Gulf of Aden; Djibouti designated corrected type locality. cyanostoma Ads — valid species — Queensland and New South Wales; Keppel Bay designated corrected type locality. cylindraceus Brod. & Sow. — valid species — Indo-Pacific; New Caledonia designated type locality.


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H.E. Coomans, R.G. Moolenbeek, & E. Wils. (1985). Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae. 7. cingulatus to cylindraceus, including Conus shikamai nomen novum. Basteria, 48(6), 223–311.