The identity of Pecten solidulus Reeve, 1853, a species from an unknown locality, has always been subject to debate. As type species of Argopecten Monterosato, 1889, by subsequent designation by Monterosato himself (1899: 193), the identity of the genus is connected with the identity of the species. Initially Monterosato (1889: 20) relegated his Pecten commutatus, which he described in 1875, to the synonymy of P. solidulus. This synonymy was regarded as erroneous by Dautzenberg & Fischer (1906: 59). Grau (1959: 93) has regarded P. commutatus as type species for the genus Argopecten, because in his opinion P. solidulus was unidentifiable. Keen (1960: 101) has pointed out that he did so incorrectly.


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H.P. Wagner. (1985). Notes on type material of the family Pectinidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia). 3. On the identity of Pecten solidulus Reeve, 1853, and Pecten commutatus Monterosato, 1875. Basteria, 49(4/6), 81–84.