Various notes on Azorean and European Carychium species are given. Our present knowledge of the Azorean species is summarized: three species can be recognized, one of which is given a new name, viz. C. ibazoricum nom. nov. (known from both the Iberian peninsula and the Azores). C. minimum and C. tridentatum are both uncommon on the Azores; the occurrence of the former species is still somewhat uncertain. Our present knowledge concerning European Carychium species is shortly indicated. New data are given for C. mariae. C. mariae var. passiriensis Schrott, 1935, is considered a junior synonym of C. minimum. Two S. Alpine records of C. minimum are given. A first summary of our knowledge of the occurrence of Carychium species in Greece is given. Three species can be recognized in the area, viz. C. tridentatum, C. cf. schlickumi (described originally as a fossil species), and C. hellenicum spec. nov. The type locality of C. minimum inflata Bourguignat, 1857, is restricted to “Suisse” (Switzerland).