The following species are recognized on the basis of the dimensions of the apex and additional characters: R. aartseni (nom. nov. for R. monterosatoi Pallary, 1906, non Fischer, 1877; R. auriscalpium (Linné, 1758); R. decorata Philippi, 1846; R. guerinii Recluz, 1843; R. italiensis n. sp.; R. lia (Monterosato, 1884) with the subspecies torquilla Pallary, 1912; R. panhormensis n. sp.; R. rodhensis n. sp.; R. similis Scacchi, 1836; and R. scurra (Monterosato, 1917). Lectotypes of R. lia torquilla, R. scurra and R. aartseni and a neotype of R. auriscalpium are designated. Evidence is produced for the close relationship between R. auriscalpium, type species of Goniostoma Villa, 1841, and part of the species which so far had been considered to belong to Apicularia Monterosato, 1884.


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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

A. Verduin. (1985). On the taxonomy and variability of Recent European and North African species of the subgenera Apicularia and Goniostoma of the genus Rissoa (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia). Basteria, 49(4/6), 105–132.