Based on the type material and the original descriptions, on the Conus collection of the Zoological Museum Amsterdam and other museums and private collections, the (sub)specific names in the recent Conidae are revised. Illustrations and distribution maps are supplied. In the eighth part the following Conus names are discussed: dactylosus Kiener — form of C. auricomus Hwass. dahlakensis Da Motta — form of C. textile neovicarius Da Motta — Red Sea dalli Stearns — valid species; lectotype designated — West Mexico to Colombia, Galapagos Is. damottai Trovao — junior synonym of C. crotchii Reeve. dampierensis Filmer & Coomans — valid species — Western Australia. danieli Crosse — nomen novum for C. jaspideus Kiener; junior synonym of C. algoensis scitulus Reeve. daphne Boivin — colour form of C. spectrum Linné — Indonesia. daucus Hwass — valid species — Antilles. daullei Crosse — junior synonym of C. consors Sowerby dautzenbergi Fenaux — junior synonym of C. imperialis fuscatus Born dayriti Rockel & Da Motta — valid species — Philippines. (dealbatus A. Adams) — a fossil Conus. debilis Monterosato — junior synonym of C. mediterraneus forma ater Philippi debilis Fenaux — junior homonym; junior synonym of C. auricomus forma dactylosus Kiener. deburghiae Sowerby — lectotype designated; granulated form of C. nocturnus Lightfoot — Moluccas. decoratus Solander — nomen nudum. decoratus Rockel, Rolan & Monteiro — provisionally considered a valid species — Cape Verde Islands. decrepitus Kiener — junior synonym of C. cocceus Reeve. decurtatus Dautzenberg — lectotype designated; colour form of C. striolatus Kiener — Central Indo-Pacific. delanoyi Trovao — colour form of C. cuneolus Reeve — Cape Verde Islands. delessertii Recluz — valid species — Cape Hatteras to Florida and Gulf of Mexico; type locality corrected to off Cape Canaveral. delicatus Schepman — junior synonym of C. aculeiformis Reeve. (demarcoi De Marco) — an unavailable name. (dentatus Schröter) — not a Conus; fam. Mitridae depriesteri Wils — junior synonym of C. thalassiarchus Sowerby deshayesii Reeve — junior homonym, renamed C. cuvieri Crosse. desidiosus A. Adams — colour form of C. guinaicus Hwass — Canary Islands. desmotus Tomlin — nomen novum for C. catenatus Sow., 1878; subspecies of C. cedonulli Linné — Panama to Venezuela. (desselatus in Reichenbach) — error for C. tessulatus Born. (detritus Menke) — an unavailable name. diadema Sowerby — valid species — Gulf of California to Panama, Galapagos Islands. dianthus Sowerby — subspecies of C. cardinalis Hwass — Jamaica designated type locality. dictator Melvill — junior synonym of C. milesi Smith. dilectus Gould — junior synonym of C. textile Linné; type a juvenile shell. dillwynii Reeve — nomen novum for C. piperatus Reeve; provisionally considered a subspecies of C. erythraeensis Reeve — East Africa. discrepans Sowerby — unidentifiable. dispar Sowerby — nomen dubium distans Hwass — valid species; lectotype designated — tropical Indo-Pacific; the Moluccas designated as corrected type locality. dolium Boivin — colour form of C. spectrum Linné. dominicanus Hwass — lectotype found; junior synonym of C. cedonulli mappa Lightfoot. dondani Kosuge — probably a juvenile shell; provisionally considered a valid species — Philippines. donovani Dautzenberg — nomen novum for C. ammiralis amboinensis var. P Donovan; colour form of C. ammiralis Linné. (dorbignyi in Weinkauff) — error for C. orbignyi Audouin, (doreyanus “Blainville” Tomlin) — not a mollusc (Coelenterata). dormitor Pilsbry — junior homonym, renamed C. comatosa Pilsbry. dorreensis Peron — valid species- Western Australia. douvillei Fenaux — junior secondary homonym; junior synonym of C. imperialis fuscatus Born. (drador in Hanley) — unavailable name. drangai Schwengel — junior synonym of C. orion Broderip. dubitatus (Roding) — nomen nudum. duplicatus Sowerby — valid species — Solomon Islands designated type locality. (dupontii Kiener) — is Parametaria dupontii, fam. Columbellidae. dusaveli (H. Adams) — valid species — S. Japan to Philippines. duvali Bernardi — junior synonym of C. pusillus dux Lamarck. Hwass — junior objective synonym of C. circumcisus dux Born. Sowerby — a misidentification, renamed C. floccatus Sowerby. dux (Röding) — junior secondary homonym; junior synonym of C. generalis maldivus Hwass.