During a study of the molluscs of the infralittoral zone of the Bay of Málaga (Southern Spain) between 1981 and 1982, all five European species of Donacidae have been found: Donax (Serrula) trunculus L., 1758, D. (Cuneus) vittatus (Da Costa, 1778), D. (C.) semistriatus Poli, 1791, D. (C.) venustus Poli, 1795, and Capsella variegata (Gmelin, 1791). Morphological shell description, size, habitat, and geographical distribution are given for each species, with a discussion on the sculpture of the shell as a taxonomic character for some of these species. Details on the shell growth are given for each species. The length and the height of the shell have been the parameters measured. Finally a key to the European species of Donacidae is presented.