Melania scalaris Philippi, 1836, not Spix in Wagner, 1827, should be Turbonilla (Pyrgiscus) jeffreysii (Jeffreys, 1848). Odostomia scalaris Macgillivray, 1843, should be used instead of the nearly forgotten name O. nitida Alder, May 1844, which has some months priority over O. rissoides Hanley, July 1844. Jeffreys (1848) had considered O. scalaris Macgillivray, 1843, a junior secondary homonym of Melania scalaris Philippi, 1836, which latter he transferred to Odostomia. Iredale (1915) advocated return to Macgillivray’s name now that Philippi’s species was no longer considered to belong to Odostomia. This is reinforced by the fact that Macgillivray’s name frequently occurs in non-systematic literature.

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J.J. van Aartsen. (1987). Nomenclatural notes, 4. Melania scalaris Philippi, 1836, and Odostomia scalaris Macgillivray, 1843. Basteria, 51(4/6), 149–150.