Revision of the Northeast Italian species and subspecies of the genus Cochlostoma Jan, 1830 (Gastropoda Prosobranchia: Cyclophoridae) The SE. Alpine species and subspecies of the genus Cochlostoma occurring in NE. Italy are characterized conchologically and their ranges are indicated. C. h. huettneri (Wagner) is synonymized with C. h. henricae (Strobel) together with many other poorly characterized “subspecies”. The name henricae Strobel (non auct.) is redefined; C. h. henricae sensu auct. should be called C. henricae lissogyrus (Westerlund). A lectotype of Pomatias henricae var. lissogyrus Westerlund, 1881, is designated. C. villae (Strobel) and C. s. septemspirale (De Razoumowsky) are probably vicariant species. Smooth shells of the last two species, which are normally ribbed, are reported from otherwise normal populations. The same is recorded for C. philippianum (Gredler). The occurrence of smooth specimens of usually ribbed species seems to be restricted to NE. Italy. The status of Pomatias intermedius Pini remains uncertain. Literature records of C. patulum (Draparnaud) from the southeastern Alps apply to either C. henricae s.l. or C. philippianum.

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R.A. Bank. (1988). Revision der nordostitalienischen Arten und Unterarten der Gattung Cochlostoma Jan, 1830 (Gastropoda Prosobranchia: Cyclophoridae). Basteria, 52(4/6), 151–170.