I. The Iberian valvatoid Hydrobiidae are listed and Neohoratia azarum n. sp. is described from NW. Spain. The eight previously known taxa are all from the eastern part of the peninsula. II. The five Iberian Belgrandiella species known from the literature are listed. In addition B. galaica n. sp. and B. asturica n. sp. are described, from Galicia and Asturia, respectively. III. Three more Belgrandiella taxa are provisionally described and listed as formae, pending future research concerning their taxonomic status.

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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

H.D. Boeters, & E. Rolan. (1988). Unknown West European prosobranchs, 9. Some new Spanish freshwater prosobranchs. Basteria, 52(4/6), 197–202.